Centralize Managed Assets & Processes in a Single Online Portal

  • Provide endless web-to-print solutions to your customers.
  • Develop profitable revenue streams.
  • Secure more long-term print contracts.
Path to Success

Qualify Your Customers

Your ideal customer for EOS Touchpoint® is one that has multiple locations and needs customization of managed assets, while maintaining full brand compliance. It could be any type of business or organization that has the challenge of doing more with less, which can be solved with a web-to-print solution.



Brand ControlMaterials personalized through online product templates help maintain:
  • Branding Guidelines
  • Design Elements
  • Production Requirements
Document ManagementIntelligent Customization:
  • Allow your customers version control options that can be adjusted to show specified users only content and material that is relevant to them.
  • Track how your managed materials and digital assets are being ordered and used.
  • Drive loyalty and reorders with managed programs.
Time Saving Processes24/7 Online Ordering allows you to:
  • Offer one centralized online location for both customization and ordering.
  • Reduce the number of people involved in one order.
  • Decentralized ordering with centralized process savings.

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